Our Mission

"Hugs from Shaun, Inc." is a Cancer Research Foundation

established in memory of Shaun Thomas Tanner.

Welcome to

A Shaun Tanner Foundation for

young adult sarcoma cancer

research and support to CHOC

It is our mission to bring awareness to the general public about the many types of sarcoma cancers and their young patients. These young patients range in age between 15 and 21 and are considered the "Lost Generation."


It is our goal to ensure that the funding continue for the research of these sarcoma cancers, enhance cancer treatment and also help these young individuals return to their futures after treatment. It is also our goal to provide continued support to the addition of the new Adolescent Cancer unit at CHOC Children's Hospital of Orange County. The estimated date of completion to be fall of 2008.


Every donation to "Hugs from Shaun, Inc" represents a hug from you to keep the smiles on their bright young faces during treatment and as they return to their futures.


We thank you in advance for your help and your hugs!