A Shaun Tanner Foundation for young adult sarcoma cancer research
and support to CHOC

Mere words cannot express our sincere gratitude for your support of Hugs from Shaun, Inc. We hold this foundation very dear to our hearts, as it was one of the first promises we made to one another after we lost Shaun to cancer. This foundation embodies our son’s bravery, courageous spirit and hopeful vision for the sarcoma patients now, and in the future.

To spend time with a youngster fighting cancer is a life altering experience. To bear witness to their brave battle, and to see them move forward with dignity and grace, is simply amazing and truly inspiring. It is from them that we can draw strength and courage.

It is because of them that we are given the gift of seeing life with renewed and profound clarity, and it is in memory of them that we vow to continue our efforts in the fight to keep these young patients happy, comfortable and one day find a cure for sarcoma cancers.

With your help, we move one step closer. From the bottom of our hearts and with…

Love and HUGS, we thank you,

Terri and Ralph Tanner and Kristi Rogers

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